Organic Green Seedless Grapes, 2 lb


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Organic Green Seedless Grapes, 2 lb

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Grown across the globe since the 14th century, there are more than 60 species of grapes.

How to ripen

Once picked, grapes are ready to immediately eat and use in recipes.

How to store
  • Don’t wash until just before eating
  • Keep in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator
  • For a refreshing snack during warmer months, remove stems from grapes and freeze
How to prep

Wash the grape clusters under cool running water and enjoy.

This fruit is a favorite for eating off the stem, while many recipes call for cutting them in half.

Chef’s tip
  • Surround a grape in a coating of creamy goat cheese
  • Roll in chopped hazelnuts
  • Chill and serve as an elegant finger food

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